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PositiveSingles.com - the best, most trusted and largest anonymous STD dating site!

Dating with Herpes in San Antonio

HSV dating in San AntonioDating with herpes may seem impossible at first. Yet, there has never been more information about HSV, or a greater community for people with herpes. This means that there has never been less reason to withdraw from the dating and social world because of a diagnosis.

Though it’s happening too slowly, society is starting to learn both how common and how manageable the virus is. For this reason, an HSV-positive person should always feel free to seek love and companionship wherever they please. And learning how to disclose herpes is a skill that can be practiced, with very good results.

But sometimes we just want to avoid any possible judgment and stigma. This is the purpose of social groups for people with herpes. And all major cities have such a community these days, including San Antonio.

But usually these communal resources are not gathered in one place, so that is the purpose of this page. If you’re looking for dating or social opportunities with other herpes-positive people in San Antonio, you’ll find the information here.

San Antonians have some very good options in the form of online dating sites and Yahoo groups. And the best part is that both can be used in a variety of ways, to match an individual’s comfort level.

Herpes Dating Sites & San Antonio

Online dating with HSV in San AntonioOne big benefit of online dating sites for herpes is that they can be used in many different ways. They can be used for dating, or they can be used as a support community. They can be used to form other groups, like local Meetup groups. They can also be used to form advocacy groups, so we can start pressuring leaders to move faster in finding a cure for HSV.

These possibilities are built in to herpes-themed dating sites like Positive Singles. This is because Positive Singles has very active forums and blogs sections, where people can communicate about herpes or anything else. And these features are absolutely free to all members.

Positive Singles in San Antonio

But, of course, Positive Singles can be used purely as a dating site as well. And with over 770,000 members worldwide, this site is easily the most popular of its kind. Most PS members are living with genital HSV, including over 20,000 Texan members, and more than 1,550 just in San Antonio.

But how likely is it that you’ll find a compatible partner on Positive Singles? The breakdown of San Antonian members on PS, by gender and sexual orientation (and between ages 19 and 70), looks like this:

  • Over 875 Men seeking Women;
  • Over 610 Women seeking Men;
  • Over 35 Men seeking Men;
  • Over 30 Women seeking Women

But are there a good variety of members within your general age group? The age group breakdown for men seeking women and women seeking men in San Antonio looks like this:

For men who are seeking women in San Antonio:

  • Age 19-29: Over 195 members with HSV-2;
  • Age 30-39: Over 355 members with HSV-2;
  • Age 40-49: Over 200 members with HSV-2;
  • Age 50-59: Over 85 members with HSV-2;
  • Age 60-70: Over 25 members with HSV-2

For women who are seeking men in San Antonio:

  • Age 19-29: Over 210 members with HSV-2;
  • Age 30-39: Over 205 members with HSV-2;
  • Age 40-49: Over 125 members with HSV-2;
  • Age 50-59: Over 50 members with HSV-2;
  • Age 60-70: Over 10 members with HSV-2

Herpes Social Groups in San Antonio

HSV Social groups in San AntonioSan Antonio has only one social group for people with herpes, but it is easily among the most active in the state. This is the San Antonio Friends/SA Amigos, which organizes through their Yahoo Group page.

San Antonio Friends Yahoo Group

The San Antonio Friends are associated with San Antonio HELP, the local support group sponsored by ASHA. This is a thriving community, with over 500 members, and are open to anyone living with herpes or HPV in San Antonio and surrounding areas. They host quarterly support meetings as well as social events, including luncheons, movies, happy hours, and other group activities.

For more information about this group, or to join, visit:

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